Pittsburgh Chinese Church values ​​the Great Commission entrusted by Jesus Christ. In addition to its efforts on local evangelism, the church also values ​​overseas mission. At present, the church supports fifteen missionaries, and the mission fund accounts for one sixth of the church's offering.


Their mission fields are in America, Europe, Asia and Africa; the most senior among them has 40 years of experience in ministry, and the younger ones have served in the workshop for simply two to three years.

Among them, the youngest missionaries are under 30 years old, and some above 70 years old have not yet retired; some of them go to their mission fields alone, and others go with their whole families. Among them, some serve as professional doctors, and some evangelize blue-collar workers; some serve college students and professionals, and others study strategies for cultivation, evangelism, and church planting.  Some openly serve the Lord in the religiously free West, and others serve faithfully in the Gospel-sensitive regions.

If you want to know more about the church's mission ministry, please contact Brother Wang Jian at wang6046@yahoo.com.